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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Car Plate Number

I am abit unsure whether to display the car plate number or not, but I am almost positive that it is possible to do so without having any legal actions taken towards me. As long as the intension is not to defame any specific person but just the picture of the vehicle, there is nothing objectional about it.

However, being almost positive doesn't make it 100% correct. So in the mean time, part of the plate number will be blurred until I can confirm the above statement.

It will help quicken the process if anybody knows about the legality of all this to send me an email.

Also send in those photos with details of the time it took place and where the idiot parked.

“Car Plate Number”

  1. Blogger BorgKingKong Says:

    Just post the numbers.. parking idiots should be named and shamed.. I personally will go out one weekend and take a ton of photos of idiot drivers for you if you'd like

  2. Anonymous Bloghopper Says:

    Laws of association

    Plate number - Car - owned by someone..

    So indrectly you are insulting (defaming) someone.. hehehehehe but anyway.. carry on.. like borgkingkong said "parking idiots should be named and shamed" and not to mention those ppl who fail to use those light signals.. (p/s: i personally suggest her to do something more healthy n fun-er on weekends hehehe)

    just remember that written records are permanent..n printable..

    Cool blog nonetheless...

  3. Anonymous Oga Says:

    Firstly..kudos to creater of this unique blog!! Obviously these act of parking at non designated area is a violation of traffic law as it posses danger to the driver & other people. Hence, I personally consider this as another way of exposing those culprits to relevant authorities & law enforcement agency alike. Maybe I'm wrong but it makes sense to me!!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    fact can't be defamtory. the PI can't deny that he parked in 'that way' because he did - there are photos to prove it! hope this helps.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    u post their plate numbers....do u think people wont take action on u? yes its frustrating to see idiots' way of parking....ethically u should not cuz people can sue u .... brunei masa anie bukan mcm brunei 20 years ago...main lapas2 saja...its better to blur their plate numbers...u pernah jua meliat rah police documentary...even plate number pesalah pun kana blur ani kan kau? think twice cuz org punya keta atu mana be consent ko ambil gambar durang atu....mind u....it might not be a big deal but for those victims..it is....am not against u but u have to be safe jua..

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Apa saja alasan biskita untuk mengadakan blog ani lebih banyak memalukan negara dari memalukan driver kereta atu. Cubatah delete tia blog ani. Fikirkan, kereta atu kena jual sudah. Orang yang baru membali atu yang menyambung malu walaupun bukan salahnya. Ditambah lagi yang memandu inda ada sopan ani sedikit jua nganya dibandingkan yang memandu ikut cara lurus. Tapi mun sudah orang luar meliat blog biskita ani, fikiran pertamanya memang ia berpendapat orang Brunei ani meletak kereta nda memandai. Orang Brunei yang malu jadinya tu. Biskita orang Brunei kah? Kalau sayang negara atu, delete tia blog ani. Cukup-cukup tah sudah bedandam atu. Kerana marah dan sakit hati, jangan sampai mengadai diri. Bawa besabar ok. Lain kali, bawa saja gambar-gambar ani kebalai, bukti kukuh tah sudah tu. tulis jua haribulan sama jam waktu mengambar atu. Iklas ni menagur, jadi jangan marah ah.

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