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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Car Plate Number Pt 2

This is bound to happen.

I started this blog with the intention of trying to teach people to park properly and be more considerate to others, not trying to start a war of words between readers. I have had my car scratched and dented so many times because of people like this and people who love their cars would agree there is no other way of telling them how to be more considerate.

I do not think I am above the law and there are authourities in Brunei who can prevent this from happening. However, we all know that some people would cared less about them and law enforcers would just put a blind eye to it thinking that they would be the one who will get into trouble. Its a vicious cirlce this. We should be the ones who should be.. umm.. not afraid but galat nya orang Brunei to the authourities, not the other way around.

I sincerely apologise to annonymous who made a comment on Case 020.

About blurring the plate number, shall we leave it to the readers? Lets vote on whether we should do it or not.

“Car Plate Number Pt 2”

  1. Blogger Reeda Says:

    First of all, congratulations on coming up with this site. I think its a brilliant idea!

    The law enforcement officers can only do so much with their limited resources. With this site, they suddenly have an endless number of parking cameras!

    Further comments here...

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    the real problem here is not only to blame inconsiderate and idiotic drivers, as you or some of those who agrees on calling, fully. the real problem here lies on the limited parking spaces provided and the rocketing ratios of cars to person in this country. i concur with the idea that parking spaces are quite limited in a sense that it caused all this hassle of 'idiotic' drivers who parked their cars irresponsibly. secondly, i believe, concerning the overpouring numbers of cars remembers me of driving on roads in singapore and malaysia to name a few. just too many. we need to seek government action on this. our population are so few, so i expect resolutions will come easy. we need new policies concerning car pool act, developing public transports or an alternative, parking spaces to accomodate the cars in brunei. there is no point cursing and teasing fellow countrymen, although your blog may as well initiate a movement towards a possible solution, no doubt. i know, u are just keen to follow the steps of "parking idiots in singapore", but this is brunei, different agendas, causes and issues. however, dont let me stop you at what you are doing, i think your blog is very informative and 'realistic', so keep that up. i am just letting out my views for all to comprehend, whether positive or negatively. thank you for your time

  3. Anonymous supporter Says:

    Enforcement in Brunei is non systematic. There are things they like to do, and there are things we know they never enforce. While illegal parking is not a major issue, it is still an issue, one that authorities should stamp out. all these small little things eventually add up and people get fed up. while it is true that there are alot of cars in Brunei with limited parking space, people in Singapore or UK or Australia, or most other countries for that matter do not so blatantly illegally as we do - more of our culture of non-responbility. I remember having to talk very far from the parking space just to get to where I want in London. Do we simply park near the restaurant? No, we obey the law because we know we will get fined. I support this site because finally we have someone actually fessing up and saying they feel malu about parking illegally, case 020. Do you think they'll ever feel malu if they didn't see their car's plates here? if you blur it out, they might just laugh at being featured without being malu.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I think I agreed what anonymous says in a sense that we live in a small community..yes. We know each other somehow. Even in this blog that we know who you are eventho u used diff name. Or even others blog sometimes from the pics shown we know exactly sapa punya blog...ani kan kereta!

    Exactly! with only 300,000+ population in brunei I know many people. There cud be 10 reasons why they park like an idiot. Actually this blog is trying to give lessons to the parking idiot but somehow all people doesnt think that way as much as you do, rite! so one of the parking idiot thinks that you 'malukan' durang yes definitely true. as I said They have reasons to it. but people esp the parking idiot terasa d hina....
    I myself will also be like that. Yes in other countries esp in UK u will definitely be sued. Ganya d Brunei no such thing as sue bcos we have limited knowledge about our law in Brunei unlike UK...

    I think its better u blurrrrr a little bit the plate license slightly lah or when we take photo of the parking idiot we choose angle yg slightly nampak licensenya but not clear...

    Firstym I read this blog, I said to my self wat a good idea but makin lama plate license tu semakin ketara. Ok wonderful site and excellent idea.

    just giving some points. keep it up ok :)

  5. Anonymous Cerempet Says:

    I strongly agree on reeda's statement quoted below:

    "I think this is more a case of moral values. Does our moral values allow us to believe that its ok do something wrong when our intentions are good? In this case, attending a bertahlil ceremony? Or in another more common scenario, going for Friday prayers?"

    Once, I have to wait for 20 minute in my car after Jumaat prayers at Masjid Serusop coz someone blocked my car. Perhaps, an extra prayers after the Jumaat prayers (solat sunat), yes solat sunat is good. But why menyusahkan orang lain just to do an extra good deed? If you know you're blocking someone's car, then leave hastily right after the prayers ended. I had to forget about lunch that day, and was late for work by 5 minutes. Yes thats a big deal for me.

  6. Anonymous 100% agree Says:

    I completely agree with this website in exposing the drivers. This a lesson to be learnt. If you do not display their number, they will for sure do it again. They have been caught so I'm sure they will think twice next time. Maybe it is true there is not enough parking around big shopping areas but it's still illegal. You have choices to make. Wait for an empty space, park further away, or come back later. If this was in UK, and your car was parked illegally, 5 minutes and you would get a ticket. The problem is, most people would rather circle around and around wasting petrol then pay $2 for parking.

    I spoke to a police friend of mine about catching people driving illegally etc. His explanation was that it's hard to catch people for petty offenses such as no headlights, parking illegally, etc because they usually know his family and/or are related somehow and give him a guilt trip as to whether or not to give a ticket. Later his family will get scolded or others. Therefore they don't do it. In other countries there are such things citizen's arrests, as citizens we are also advised to help the law by catching law breakers and bring them to the police and they will then investigate the case.

    This website is a form of that. I only wish there was some way to catch idiotic DRIVERS on the road who ALWAYS cut me off in the morning or don't signal. That really peeves me.

    Good job!! I don't think this is illegal as there is such thing as FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the internet is a good way of doing this. Afterall, the pictures ARE taken in public areas so carry on!!! I would be sorely disappointed if you started blurring the plates again.

  7. Anonymous RockyLabu Says:

    If you remember some internet cases here in Brunei, a few people high up in the community have been remanded without bail for 2 years for using the internet to voice out thier discontent. To practice thier "Freedom of Speech" la konon....Freedom of speech you can practice but jgn la smpi labih2 kan
    Even in Singapore some guys were detained for using the internet to voice thier freedom of speech...

    This website is of course a good idea to show the parking mistakes that our people make but I do not believe that by defaming them, by showing thier license plates or calling them names would solve the parking problems. Especially if you do not know the real reason they park inda menantu. Karang jadi kelaie inda jua pedah...and if ada org yg inda puas hati, takes this to the authorities, you might end up in trouble infact in deeper shit than the people who parks thier car carelessly...

    My vote would be to continue what you are doing, pointing out the parking mistakes but do try to cover thier license plate...and minimise the name calling, we are Bruneians not Kiasu Singaporeans, its better that way for everyone involved...who knows silap2 haribulan it mite be your family members yg kana brand a 'parking idiot'

  8. Blogger Nonnie King Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Anonymous Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    I agree freedom of speech is probably an illusion in most countries (though I won't comment on Brunei - I leave it up to you readers to decide). However parking illegally is not a highly sensitive political issue, at least I don't think so. I personally think, for our own 'safety' just try to be civil and non-political about our posts, like blaming so and so not enforcing the law. As much as we want free speech and REALLY want to say something about authorities, there are people who are not ready for such direct transparency (ala Singapore for example).

  10. Anonymous pianoman Says:

    ...Wow! This blog has getting hotter by seconds... Congrats to Meter Man. And may I suggests to all the readers, " Fight!, Fight!, Fight! " ( Hari Raya karang minta maaf )...
    ...ok, lets think of couple of scenarios, what if your car is blocked by a parking idiot when you need to go to visit a close dying family member of yours, and he/she died before your arrival by minutes or you are fired by your boss for being late or in another words is you miss an important task or occasion that can turn you from being and angel to a devil because of these parkig idiots...
    ...I for once earlier did not like the idea of showing the car plate number but when after I became a victim of my car being blocked... sikit lagi ku tandang bimmer ah ( CASE 11 ), I change my mind...
    ...Lets stop these idiots from saying, "Ah! Peduli apa, sama jua durang inda tau siapa punya kreta."

  11. Blogger Meter Man Says:

    Pianoman.. I said no fighting..

  12. Anonymous name, shame the idiots that park dumb Says:

    Do NOT blur out the plates! It has made me a better driver (or should I say a better parker???) coz I don't want my car shamed!

    And that dude that used the excuse that he was at the makam doing something religous??? Get over yourself! Your excuse basically tells people that if you are doing something in the name of a good deed it's ok. So if I go to RIPAS to do a good deed like volunteer to be a child minder at the kids ward and there was no available parking I can park my car in the single lane that leads to A & E?? I think not!

    Name and shame! Name and shame! Keep the plates blur free!!

  13. Blogger Meter Man Says:

    Thank you Name Shame, that was my intention, to make people be more considerate. At least someone gets it!! Finally!!

    I cannot see why some keeps defending them when the YPIs are clearly wrong. If someone corrects you, to make you a better person, you thank them.

    Don't bite the hands that feed you. Be a better person. Thanks man. You DA MAN!!

  14. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    "So why then nobody contribute photos of the dark tinted cars parked RIGHT in the middle of the entrance of the Mall? So why dont anyone expose the "Idoits"?

    I however have to praise the real intent of setting up the blog. Makes you think if most of the visitors are are barely old enough to drive to understand the parking situation in Brunei.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    NO!!! you shouldnt Blur the number plates because this is an important lesson for drivers.if not, they would just do it again and again. and if someone says that you should blur the plates, tell them "just dont look at the websites and dont make the same mistake again" Also,even i make mistakes and im sure i would be posted in this blog one day. so cheers in all good fun, lets keep our roads safe....

  16. Blogger Meter Man Says:

    Taking photos of dark tinted cars? I'm carzy but not that crazy. Photos of dark tinted cars will not be posted. Sorry, I still love Brunei.

  17. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    im Go Blog n this is what i think:
    this blog was set up juz for fun guys/ gals n in the mean time to teach bruneians lessons on how to park ur car properly coz most drivers/parkers here dont really care if they park their car properly as long as they dont bother 'keluarge mara' durang. If urang lan peduli apa...rite? RITEE..
    now im not really supporting the idea of the licence plate being published openly in the web, at least blurred the numbers then it should be ok.
    Now for those people branded an 'idiot' n got their cars posted on the web thenn i say 'seve u right'. parking lagi inda betantu macam parking atu ninimu punya. N to those who have the slightest idea of trying to sue...let me juz say not only you are a born parking idiot, you are also a born loser...ciao

  18. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I Somehow Fully Support This Blog. It Has Made Me A Better Parker. When My Friend Commented On This, We Had A Lively Debate On The Issue. He Was Against It And I Was For It. My Argument Was This, More Often Than Not, The Small Bad Habit (Like Parking Like An Idiot) Oftens Reflects A Bigger Picture More Chronic, That Is The Lack Of Respect On The Rule Of Law. I Commented That, I Once Read An Article In The New York Times On The Number Of Parking Tickets Issued To Diplomats In Manhattan Ny Who Worked At The Un. The Reporter Commented That The Number Of Tickets To These Idiots Tht Think That They Are Immune Because Of Their Diplomatic Immunity Actually Had A Correlation With The Transparency International Corruption Index Of The Countries These Diplomats Come From. It Is No Surpise That Countries Like Sweeden, New Zealand And Singapore Which Are Least Corrupt Have The Least Parking Tickets Issued And The Worst Corrupt Countries (No Need To Mention As Sadly To Say, They Include Muslim Countries) Have The Most Parking Tickets Issued To Their Diplomats. The Conclusion, The Diplomats Issued With The Most Tickets Actually Come From The Countries Where The Population Has A General Lack Of Respect On The Rule Of Law Where Not Only Just Traffic Rules Conveniently Flouted But Even Penal Laws Like Their Anti Corruption Laws Ignored. The Reporter Commented That In These Corrupt Countries There Is A Continuing Culture Disrespecting The Rule Of Law. The Writer Ended His Article With A Question If Bad Culture Can Indeed Be Changed. I Like To Think The Answer To Be Yes. This Is Where Investigative Blogging Like This Can Play That Role. If Indeed There Is Now A Growing Bad Culture Of Not Respecting Traffic Rules, Then Public Shaming Is Another Method To Ensure That This Bad Culture Does Not Become Ingrained In Our Society. We Need To Stop This Bad Culture As More Often Than Not It Reflects A Far More Chronic Problem In The Society. Just Look At The Haze Caused By Our Neihbouring Country Indonesia. What Happened There Is A Reflection Of The More Chronic Problem, That Is Corruption. Despite Having Tough Laws Against Open Burning, The Forests Have Been Cleared With Open Burning By Oil Palm Companies And The Farmers. The Central Government Is Helpless As The Officials At The Provincial Governments Have Been Alleged To Be Corrupt. Having Said That However, No One Is Above The Law And Shall Act With Impunity And That Includes The Blog Administrator. Whilst What You Are Doing Has Been Kept Within The Law, As A Blog Administrator You Can Be Held Jointly Liable Both Under Our Criminal And Civil Law Of Defamation If The Elements Exist As You Have Control Of What Can Be Published On Your Blog. Think Of You As The Editor Of A Newspaper. I Can Explain Further But That My Friend Will Be A Subject Of My Next Response. Right Now I Want To Sleep As Esok (Pagi Ne) Sembahyang Raya Lerrrr…

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