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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 004.

Contributed by Zaku.

Double idiots double parked. Need I say more? I guess its ok because Brunei's Road are big and wide... NOT!!!

Taken at Government Building, Department of Electrical Services. Time 10:34. Date 03.10.06.

For info, there are a lot of available spaces around. Maybe the idiots aren't idiots.. maybe they are just blind. All the same, idiots and blind people aren't allowed to drive.


“Case 004.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Ohh! Was the red van parking his/her car too... I thought it was overtaking the parking idiot..

  2. Anonymous stressed Says:

    What are you? An idiot??!! It said double parked!!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Yeah I know it was double parked after I read the article... not at first thought when you just look at the picture.... doh!
    You idiot...!!

  4. Blogger SS Says:

    aaah. i like this blog.

    not that i want to be featured on it. haha.

  5. Blogger BorgKingKong Says:

    This weekend I will go out there with my camera and personally fil Case No.010-020..! There will be PLENTY of idiots out there that needs documenting.. I'll start off with Gadong Mall then move to the streets.. no one will be safe....

  6. Anonymous Nonnie Says:

    Go to school area when the kids just finish schools!

    There's plenty parking idiots there which caused all the traffics.

  7. Anonymous r&al Says:

    ohhh can we send in pictures too?

  8. Blogger Meter Man Says:

    Sure you can. Anyone can. Just send it to parking.idiot@yahoo.com

  9. Blogger zaku Says:

    ....what mwkes me goin krrrazy is , i pity the govt so spending so much millions dollars to resurface the parking lots,just a thought, y not remove the yellow line and the signboard as well n make it a parking lot, then everybody b happy....Duuuhh....

  10. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    maybe this link will help..


  11. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Ya i heard about this site in the morning on Kristal. Think it was Dj Hum. On one occassion, i think he almost mis-pronounced it. Know what i mean. But ya top stuff.

  12. Blogger Meter Man Says:

    Again I like to thank Kristal FM and to all who's willing to spend 10 minutes of their lives visiting this site.

  13. Anonymous BlogHopper Says:

    hehehe cian jua.. org parking jauh pun kana ucapakan kah? in this case.. 'blind'.. tsk tsk.. i wonder if u ppl do park perfectly ..

  14. Blogger zaku Says:

    ....bukannya org paking jauh kana ucap kan....org yg nda mau paking jauh yg idiots, malas kn brisk walk, biar paking arah bukan2..nyusah orang je, kecik2 sik mau mampuih....

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