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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 011.

Contributed by Pianoman.

This one is the ULTIMATE IDIOT!! The blockhead left his car behind parked cars and just left it there. Pianoman said that the owner of the Lancer thought someone was waiting in the bimmer. Unfortunately nobody was there. He even left the parking brakes on so the car can't be pushed either way to allow the parked cars out.

Talk about selfish idoitic blockhead. This one tops the lot. It was left there for more than 20 minutes. The Lancer owner finally gave up waiting and got out with alot of difficulties and with the help of others watching over. The Lancer owner said that if he wasn't fasting, he would've kicked the bimmer and left it with dents.

Take at the Mall. Time 11:56. Dated 09.10.06.


“Case 011.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    ...no offence...but it seems like these so called eurocars owners such as bimmers, jags n mercs and giant 4WDs thinks they have the licence to park anywhere they like, this is just one example, even at shopping complex's carpark and basement carpark, they will park anywhere they want even at very tight corners as long as it nearest to the main door.....i wish i can drive long wide 20 wheelers trailer, so that i can 'simbit secara tak sengaja', after all it will be not my fault, i am not the idiot who is so blind to find a proper parking space...think !!!!

  2. Blogger leejah Says:

    My god..Kereta saja mahal but still so stingy to spent $2 for basement parking...

  3. Blogger Meter Man Says:

    He's not stingy. All money spent on car payments.


  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    haha..i experienced dis once..kena block somewhere in Batu Bersurat. After about 10 mins, ada tia org yg memblock atu.. without apologise..jalan ia tarus..s**k..

  5. Blogger leejah Says:

    uh..uh..if someone does that again..lakap plate lesen nya..hohoho..*evil smile*

  6. Anonymous iRays Says:

    Wot en eediooot (noob talk heheh)

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    well...what can i say...idiots..idiots..idiots everywhere..this bimmer guy deserve a special mention to be the most idiotic parking idiot of all time...period.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    What a jerk! Unbelievable. .. Just goes to show that money can't buy you a brain!

  9. Anonymous Oga Says:

    Perasan ku di masjid andang lumrah jua memblok2 kereta urang lain ani...I wonder maybe those culprits yg sedang khusyuk beramal atu assume its their god's given right to do such act without giving any considerations to others.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I agree about the masjid marking situation. Am sure I commented about it somewhere but I cant recall heheh. Anyway, this problem is very common especially on Fridays... I think they should announce the parking idiot award during the khutbah....

  11. Anonymous Anonymous Says:


  12. Anonymous watdapark Says:

    Bimmer's such a cool ride, but too many wankers drive'em...shame!!

  13. Anonymous Askar Gila Says:

    palit taie idung rah ceramin nya..

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