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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 013.

Contributed by Ranoadidas.

Ranoadidas posted this on his website a few days ago and has kindly contributed it for this site.

This is very inconsiderate and selfish not to mention silly, leaving the car parked at the pathway of the car park. I would say that this is the case of the 'Raya Shopping Virus'.

I guess you can't really blame'em. With all the shopping done, whose got the energy to take it all the way to the car if its parked a long way for the main exit, especially when you're fasting, you ARE fasting, right..? RIGHT..??!!

Taken at The Mall Basement Parking Area. Dated 10.10.06.


“Case 013.”

  1. Anonymous EmmaGoodEgg Says:

    All Hail The YPIs!! :) xx

  2. Blogger Nonnie King Says:

    Steady ah you. Don't even pixel the number plate. Let everyone know the car owner is a parking idiot.

    I admire your bravery.

  3. Blogger zaku Says:

    ...yeah, biar, these idiots can be categorized as "Talorghh to the Extreme"....and they deserve it, i think this is the top pix so far, well done rano...good job...

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    goodness me KB8288..hey KB8288 who ever you are KB8288..please be considerate lah sikit KB8288..even your nini won't park the car like you did KB8288..just wish that somebody would photograph this KB8288 idiot and let everybody know what a true parking idiot KB8288 might look like..this one's a TOP PARKING IDIOT..jgn mare KB8288..you're fully responsible for your own action KB8288...KB8288 anyone..?????

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:


  6. Anonymous LSM Says:

    Oh man, one time I'd parked in the Mall basement (legally of course) and some idiot parked illegally behind me. There was enough space for cars to drive by but it severely limited the space I had for reversing out of my spot! I ended up knocking the side of my car against one of the pillars! A petty dent but scratched quite horribly. I should have given that idiot the bill for the repairs.

  7. Anonymous Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    VOTE.. this PI looks like a real doozer of an idiot

  8. Anonymous Cerempet Says:

    This one should receive the "Best Parking Idiot of The Year 2006" award!

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