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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 019.

Contributed by Lambchops.

I think this one is just couldn't wait to get out of here. See how close it is to the exit? I saw a comment about euro car owners have a licence to park anywhere. This guy have to understand that that was a sarcastic remark, not a statement.

Taken at UB parking area at the Mall. Time just after sungkai. Date 15.10.06 (maybe). Thanks Jess.


“Case 019.”

  1. Anonymous cafe latte Says:

    I can understand if this happen just before sungkai as I assume the driver must have a real concern that he/she must be home before his/her Swensen's icecream melted...or for that matter he/she afraid his/her family will be dying of 'kempunan' from Sanur's tahu telor in time for Sungkai. But after Sungkai..c'mon it just doesn't make sense to show your idiotness!!!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm,the "irresponsible" person can park anywhere within the Mall as long as it does not obstruct other vehicles. The car may just happen to be part of the family that OWNS the Mall? So probably just saving parking space for other customers. Go look in Hua Ho Manggis as well..I once saw a Lexus parked right in front of the supermarket door..go figure. So please dont just blindly comment.

  3. Anonymous 1FingerSalutingYOU! Says:

    Haha this is a NEW one... ownership of a MALL means gives you the right to be an IDIOT! It's people like you that makes Parking Idiots such a disease. No one's above the law, and to suggest just because he/she's the owner and they can park wherever they like.... you basically are a Parking Idiot, an Anonymous Parking Idiot. And this is the web, we can comment all we like.... go crawl back into your hole and live in the dark ages when you can whip people into submission..

  4. Anonymous 1FingerSalutingYOU! Says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    kalau ia ani owner mall, baik tah gulung parking spot atu bawa balik ke rumahnya. Ya tah businessman selfish inda ingaukan customernya punya convenience...

  6. Anonymous Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    I would also like to comment that illegally parking your car or cars in the Mall underground parking does not only inconvenience other drivers, but is also a VERY SERIOUS safety and health issue. If there was an emergency, emergency vehicles would not have easy access into the building. People would also have difficulty leaving the basement due to the obstructions. If I were the Mall operators I'd think about the safety issues and the amount of lawsuits heading their way if something were to happen. I don't mean to, as they say cabul, but smart businessman should be smart enough to know all the risks. And parking his OWN car obstructing the entrance counts as an UNsmart move. So the next time anyone wants to park illegally in tight basement spaces, think about the SAFETY hazards you're introducing to your fellow Bruneians.

  7. Blogger kediaku Says:

    if you look at this car, it does not disrupt the traffic, is not even blocking any fire extinguisher and stuff,

    if you look at yayasan, there are people parking blocking the fire extinguisher, fire exits, and also parking at the side of a curb, making it difficult for the cars in actual parking spots to go out.

    there is a fine line between being a parking idiot, and just being a selfish idiot.

    The most dangerous and downright stupid modification that i've seen is changing their headlight from white/yellowish to RED.

  8. Anonymous Insane Says:

    Parking idiot or selfish idiot, non the less, still an idiot.

  9. Anonymous cafe latte Says:

    ok we've to admit that the driver is so smart that you can notice that he/she even carefully park his/her car just after the yellow box line..How genius!!..and forget about all the inconveniences that might've cause to fellow Bruneian drivers when passing thru his/her car (imagine those Transit van or SUV)after all, we can blame the mall management for not providing ample parking space..wait a sec..its me

  10. Anonymous Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    nsane, so true.. Rich idiot, Poor Idiot, Smart Idiot, Stupid Idiot.. at the end of the day, he's still an Idiot.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Food for thoughts: "It takes an idiot to know an idiot"...don't you think? he3

  12. Anonymous cafe latte Says:

    ..or "if you befriended an idiot, sooner or later you will become ones" hmmm..lets think about it

  13. Anonymous Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    I am amazed that there are people out there who actually support illegal parking,i.e. Mr Anonymous 1, caffe latte, kediaku. Illegal parking is illegal no matter how you justify it. If us Bruneians CANNOT and WILL NOT follow such simple and basic rules (and I do mean simple and basic), it shows how an UNDISCIPLINED lot some of us are. It's absolutely shameful to think we can justify inconveniencing our neighbours as long as WE think its ok. Ask your neighbours next time you open burn your rubbish, or park your car blocking other people's driveway or path and see if they're happy. It REALLY shows that some of us Bruneians are selfish little brats who can't look beyond their own nose and think they're the centre of the universe and society should revolve around them. We'll continue on this path, being selfish, looking after ourselves at the expense of our neighbours and to a larger extent our country - 'Excuse me Sir, would you like the Bruneian government to spoon feed you from cradle to grave, while you sit there enjoying the view?'

    THINK for a second: all you're saying is that I can do WHATEVER I wish as long as I PERSONALLY THINK I am not inconveniencing someone else. See how 'I' seem to be my reference point? In the English language that is called SELFISH - look it up in the dictionary.

    But then again, I shouldn't be surprised. There are so many insanely stupid posts in Brudirect and Borneo Bulletin Opinions page showing how deep seated idiocy is in some of our people's selfish myopic mindset. It's a disgrace.

  14. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Geez man.. This is what happens when u get a girl as your guest critic. They'll whine like a girl..

  15. Blogger kediaku Says:

    For the record, sexy meter maid, I do not support illegal parking, especially if it cause a inconvinient to other people. I think my post have been misunderstooded, but there is a deep problem in us bruneian. we like to whine, take matters in our own hands. this website is one of it, the intention is good, but i think it getting out of hand.

    this parking problem is also happening in so called civilised country like uk during festive season, but the authourity is enforcing the law to minimissed the effect. here in brunei, the enforcement side is lacking. also, there is a double standard here on who can do whatever they want and who cannot.

  16. Anonymous kikurass Says:

    sexy meter maid: You go girl............

  17. Anonymous Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    Apologies Kediaku. My bad. We're all here to have fun.. so let's not take the fun away...starting with myself -

    'Bow with apology to crowd' - but please don't stare down my top!

    and no more sexist comments, we must reunite and not be divided against this cause against parking idiots of Brunei!

  18. Anonymous cafe latte Says:

    excuse me Sexy Meter Maid..but I think you must've misunderstood me. if u read carefully my postings, I am all out against those irresponsible people who think that the world is revolving around them and park anywhere they like. I figure out that if we can read their mind as what motivate them to behave in such way, perhaps we can civilize them..by making fun of them..
    For your record,I do NOT support illegal parking.

  19. Anonymous Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    Again my apologies, caffe latte. not my intention to misunderstand you but if I have, then an apology is due. I don't think many people support Parking Idiots and Illegal Parking, but you never know because there are still parking idiots out there for us to photograph.

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