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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 025.

Contributed by Reda.

We at YPI Managemen absolutely love this picture contributed by Reeda. It's in black and white and is very artistic. To quote Reeda 'Who says we cant take artistic shots of Parking Idiots eh?'. Very true. We welcome artistic pictures. In fact we challenge our fans to take as artistic a picture as you can to spice things up! So bring out those SLRs and start snapping. Diffuse and do colour corrections in Photoshop to change your picture into works of art!

This picture was taken at Yayasan on Sunday 22/10/06 @ 2.45pm. This is a common occurrence in Yayasan and we are not surprised by this. However as with all Malls, Mall Management are the ones responsible to stop parking idiots from exhibiting their behaviour. If they don't do anything, this sort of behaviour will continue. Reeda, keep an eye out for a second or third offense from this guy!

Taken at Yayasan Basement parking Area. Time 2:45pm. Date 22.10.06.


“Case 025.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    That car belongs to me you plonker. I parked there because I was given the go ahead by the security people there!!

  2. Anonymous a telletubby Says:

    but why would the security men give u permission to park there? did u have to rush to the toilet or something?

  3. Blogger Reeda Says:

    Really? The security guys gave you the go ahead? Well then, in that case I retract the picture with my apologies!Metermaid, pls remove the picture.

    I should be taking artistic shots of the SECURITY GUYS for being the idiots for asking people to park in a manner which makes it difficult for others to exit their proper parking spaces!

    I was there by the way, and there were a lot more empty parking bays further down where I was parked. Those security guys probably didnt communicate with the Metro Parking people jua. Tsk tsk tsk...

    Nice wheels by the way... are those 18's or 19's?

  4. Anonymous Management of YPI Says:

    By parking in that spot, it will still inconvenience other drivers and people, no? If you noticed, the cars parked legally in the spot right in front, it would give the guy a very hard time exiting because you parked there. Trust me, we know because we've been that situation before people find it hard to exit and inadvertently terkena the car in front! We don't think it matters that the security has given the OK to park there, we should have the common sense not to. Just because the authority says it's ok to pay him a bribe to get something done, doesn't mean it's right, right?

    But we at YPI Management do admire those wheels! We think it's a 19 incher.

  5. Anonymous Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    Jangan marah marah ah kalau kerita kena featured disini. We all know the reasons for this site and the overwhelming response to reopen it. By visiting this site, you also acknowledge that this site is amusing. So our own car or not, we hope that we don't go all crazy and violent! We have blurred the plates sudah to protect the 'innocent'. If I park illegally and get snapped I will post it too. Selamat Hari Raya

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I Somehow Fully Support This Blog. It Has Made Me A Better Parker. When My Friend Commented On This, We Had A Lively Debate On The Issue. He Was Against It And I Was For It. My Argument Was This, More Often Than Not, The Small Bad Habit (Like Parking Like An Idiot) Oftens Reflects A Bigger Picture More Chronic, That Is The Lack Of Respect On The Rule Of Law. I Commented That, I Once Read An Article In The New York Times On The Number Of Parking Tickets Issued To Diplomats In Manhattan Ny Who Worked At The Un. The Reporter Commented That The Number Of Tickets To These Idiots Tht Think That They Are Immune Because Of Their Diplomatic Immunity Actually Had A Correlation With The Transparency International Corruption Index Of The Countries These Diplomats Come From. It Is No Surpise That Countries Like Sweeden, New Zealand And Singapore Which Are Least Corrupt Have The Least Parking Tickets Issued And The Worst Corrupt Countries (No Need To Mention As Sadly To Say, They Include Muslim Countries) Have The Most Parking Tickets Issued To Their Diplomats. The Conclusion, The Diplomats Issued With The Most Tickets Actually Come From The Countries Where The Population Has A General Lack Of Respect On The Rule Of Law Where Not Only Just Traffic Rules Conveniently Flouted But Even Penal Laws Like Their Anti Corruption Laws Ignored. The Reporter Commented That In These Corrupt Countries There Is A Continuing Culture Disrespecting The Rule Of Law. The Writer Ended His Article With A Question If Bad Culture Can Indeed Be Changed. I Like To Think The Answer To Be Yes. This Is Where Investigative Blogging Like This Can Play That Role. If Indeed There Is Now A Growing Bad Culture Of Not Respecting Traffic Rules, Then Public Shaming Is Another Method To Ensure That This Bad Culture Does Not Become Ingrained In Our Society. We Need To Stop This Bad Culture As More Often Than Not It Reflects A Far More Chronic Problem In The Society. Just Look At The Haze Caused By Our Neihbouring Country Indonesia. What Happened There Is A Reflection Of The More Chronic Problem, That Is Corruption. Despite Having Tough Laws Against Open Burning, The Forests Have Been Cleared With Open Burning By Oil Palm Companies And The Farmers. The Central Government Is Helpless As The Officials At The Provincial Governments Have Been Alleged To Be Corrupt. Having Said That However, No One Is Above The Law And Shall Act With Impunity And That Includes The Blog Administrator. Whilst What You Are Doing Has Been Kept Within The Law, As A Blog Administrator You Can Be Held Jointly Liable Both Under Our Criminal And Civil Law Of Defamation If The Elements Exist As You Have Control Of What Can Be Published On Your Blog. Think Of You As The Editor Of A Newspaper. I Can Explain Further But That My Friend Will Be A Subject Of My Next Response. Right Now I Want To Sleep As Esok (Pagi Ne) Sembahyang Raya Lerrrr…

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Park legally get punished. Park illegally, who cares? Security said ok! Something's not right with this picture!

  8. Anonymous Management of YPI Says:

    Mr Anonymous (UN Study): can you provide us the link to that study so we can have a look? Thanks

  9. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    sorry, I only read it as excerpts on the New York Times. Not sure if it is available online tho.

  10. Blogger Kasmirhan Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Blogger kasmirhan Says:

    Sorry I deleted the blog as I found that Research paper at : http://www.usc.edu/schools/business/FBE/seminars/papers/AE_4-28-06_FISMAN-parking.pdf

    The blog I mentioned earlier is of course relevant too..http://psdblog.worldbank.org/psdblog/2006/05/parking_tickets.html. Keep up the good work guys but do keep it within the ambit of the laws. Selamat Hari Raya to all bloggers especially to u reeda -)

  12. Anonymous kikurass Says:

    ....guys, guys, guys....its ok la..he has been given a 'HEAD'...geddit?...a 'HEAD'...

    Btw, chromed wheels ka tu?...brapa layer coating chrome nya ah...pcd?

  13. Blogger Reeda Says:

    Further to my post, I think the security people need to attend a health, environment, and safety briefing as soon as possible. Not only is what they are allegedly doing idiotic, it is posing a danger to the public.

    Imagine if there was an emergency evacuation and you had to execute a three point turn to exit your space cos a car was parked where it wasnt supposed to be...

    Anyway, lawa ah chrome rims ah.. Must've cost a bomb! I should have taken some close-ups...

    SHR MZB to everyone including the owner of the lovely lexus. Jgn marah ah, its all in the name of social re-engineering. And Kas, bila open house? Heheh!

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