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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 027.

Contributed by JoLo JoLo.

Sorry I've forgotten about this photo. It was during the time of YPI crisis.

Anyways, again this is taken at Yayasan basement parking area. Seems like this is a favourite spot for people lazy to walk a few extra steps or wait for one to be available.

This I think is very inconsiderate. People parked appropriately at the correct parking area will find it difficult to get out of the spot because these idiots are reducing the available space in front of it. To some extreme, one might not even able to get out.

You got to think people!! Be considerate.. lose a few pounds by walking it off..

Taken at Yayasan basement parking area. Time 17:14. Dated 16.10.06.
JoLo JoLo.. Sorry for the delay man..


“Case 027.”

  1. Anonymous fatcow Says:

    some ppl r just fat, lazy and inconsiderate.

  2. Anonymous Management of YPI Says:

    fatcow - we said no fat comments! .. oh wait, we said, no Your Momma's so fat comments.. nevermind.. please continue..

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    yeh we are getting lazier and lazier by the minute. do we want to be the fattest nation?

  4. Anonymous fatcow Says:

    fat ppl still rock though. \m/

    *passes chicken wing...

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