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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 028.

Contributed by Sampah Space.

This is people with money man!! Got money? Take 2 parking spots. Got big car? H*ll! Take 3 spots!

Taken in front of Guan Chuan Photo Kiulap, dapannnya Mulaut Abbatoir meat shop, sebaris dangan Merce Snooker yg d ujung atu... (thanks Kikurass). Time and date dunno.


“Case 028.”

  1. Blogger Reeda Says:

    This is a really good one! If the driver had reversed sikiiiit lagi... he/she could've jumped straight from the car into the shop... cool eh?

  2. Anonymous Joe Says:

    Heheh.. you're right. We should try that some time... hehe.

  3. Anonymous kikurass Says:

    parked @ infront of guan chuan photo kiulap, dapannnya mulaut abbatoir meat shop, sebaris dangan merce snooker yg d ujung atu, d dapan merce snooker atu taurean cafe...bla....bla...bla...heheheh

  4. Blogger Reeda Says:

    If you look closely, there are actually TWO Parking Idiots in the picture!

    One's the obvious Lexus, the other's the white Honda on the side of the building.

    Kalau inda silap, there are parking spots on the side of the building jua... but of course not as shady as where the Honda is parked eh?

  5. Anonymous sambal-belacan Says:

    if possible, they will trying to park their car as nearest as possible, klw tah buleh masuk kadai atu, so that they can get their photos via their door's window hehe... but just remmember, anything is possible for idiots! hahah...

  6. Anonymous tikusan Says:

    yeahh.. what can we say, the Lexus driver is the owner of the Guan Chuan's shop. hehehhe..

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    both d lexus n honda belong to d shop owner hehee

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