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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 032.

Contributed by Road Rage.

This guy must be a lorry driver as a job. Notice how far back it's parked leaving all the free space in front? It's even touching the left side of the parking line. There goes 2 parking slots.

Taken at The Mall lower basement parking area. Date 15.10.06.


“Case 032.”

  1. Blogger Sexy Meter Maid Says:

    Mitsubishi BA#*%$ Driver, I think you need a new pair of glasses. Or better yet, would you like to have an airplane marshal to guide you to your designated parking spot?

  2. Blogger AnakBrunei Says:

    Heheheh! This one never fails to annoy me! Sungguh menyusahkan orang lain! Walaupun banyak parking kosong masih, but thats beside the point innit? Its a matter of getting into the right position... note the subtle sexual innuendo there.. heheheh!

  3. Blogger 6wan2 Says:

    its even worst kalau org parking so so close behind us sampai melintas pun nda ada space.. cemana kan buka bonet belakang especially kalau bonet atu naik atas (like mpv cars)

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