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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 034.

Contributed by Zaku.

Neither rain nor storm, Zaku and his zoom spy camera is out and about again doing what he does best, finding eXtreme Menabak Parking Idiots. This time he found one at the Airport. Expensive car, idiot driver, or shall we say 'parker'.

Also caught on his camera is the handicap man. Although we can say that he's actually waiting, still be more considerate and respect the sign 'For Handicap Only'.

Taken at the Airport. Time 14:00. Date 28.10.06.


“Case 034.”

  1. Anonymous WildFire Says:

    this guy grenti gagas kan withdraw duit from BIBD ATM ni, but nonetheless, there's no excuse to park like that. Selalu ni happen at airport! I guess the parker at the handicap slot atu memang handicap..brain too small, hence an idiot!

  2. Anonymous affy Says:

    walaupun kereta mahal...

  3. Anonymous Datsun 120Y owner Says:

    pasal kerita mahal, baru ia berani parking sana. Cuba you park your Datsun 120Y yang lama, wheels pun kan gugur sudah. Sekajap saja polis datang menagur.

  4. Anonymous pianoman Says:

    hehe... i do this one alwez outside the departure to check in my luggage(luggage always oversize and weighed 25kg, inda mampu angkat dari ground floor) before parking it properly at P2 parking area...
    jangan marah

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Phew.... i tot my car!!!
    baik jua bukan... anyways banar tu yo...pasal keta mahal lambat polis nagur... tapi pasal keta mahal jua lah,, time d jalan raya paling capat polis menyaman...

    i know.... been there done that.

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