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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 036.

Contributed by Reeda.

Yet another artistic PI mugshot. The PI in this picture is hard to figure out due to the ever so subtle idiotism in their parking style. However by parking the way he/she did has robbed other shoppers and customers of at least 2 spots. How inconsiderate of the Parking Idiot. But then again Parking Idiots are by their very nature defined by their 'inconsideratism' (is this even a word, or did we just invent one?!) and selfishness!

Taken at Batu Bersurat shopping complex at TTK. Time and Date: Unknown.


“Case 036.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    we cannot assume that the PI intended to park his (or her) car without due consideration of others as shown here as there could be a possibility that there were cars parked earlier (i mean before the pic was taken) in the empty spaces which could somehow force this PI to park the way he did just to follow the parking pattern.

  2. Anonymous iRays Says:

    A valid point, anonymous. It never crossed my mind

  3. Anonymous Management of YPI Says:

    A truly valid point that we at Management of YPI appreciates. Thank you for bringing this into our attention. We will use this information to refine our definition and categorisation of PIs in the future.

  4. Blogger AnakBrunei Says:

    Very valid point raised by anon. Lets just call this post a tribute to PI's who don't know the difference between 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Not necessarily Mr 90 degrees here of course... There were others before him surely...

  5. Anonymous kokodu Says:

    Why should we hide their licence plate no.? This is a lesson for them. I hope the next entries, we able to see their no., so we know whos the Idiots!!! hehehe

  6. Blogger 6wan2 Says:

    yeh it could be anyone's fault..

  7. Anonymous Sampah Space Says:

    another one puin to consider...i dont think that "parking space" ada line, so i think kalau org kan parallel park pun can.....hmmm interesting...maybe i should do that...heheheh masuk jua gambar keta ku sini...coool jua heheheh

  8. Blogger kediaku Says:

    let's not start a witch-hunt or a vendieta by showing the number plates of the "inconsiderate drivers" as ranoadidas diplomatically put it. i think idoit is such a harsh word.

    Anyway, I applaud the management for taking anonymous#1 point into consideration, as i know this happens a lot especially in front of centerpoint.

    also, please also take in consideration that there are fault in our system, such as:
    1) sometimes the parking are not clearly marked,as the paint have faded
    2) we overload our parking area with more cars than there are parking spaces, example the mall underground parking
    3) there are no parking wardens to issue fines for parking offences like in the uk.

    I guess unless this faults they will still be parking offenders

  9. Anonymous pianoman Says:

    Can I raise a point to YPI staffs? Next time, please do not encourage or post picture with no colour as it deviate our intention to shame the idiot. Car with no colour, how are we going to regocnise whose car it was, enough with censoring their licence plate number, no?

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