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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 037.

Contributed by Tina.

I'm abit confused about this photo. I see some lines which I can barely make out but I think it's the line for a parking spot. Anyway, Tina's submitted it so I'll post it but write in some clarifications ok Tina, so we'll all know what you took.

Taken at Triple Star Kiulap. Time 6ish pm. Date 30.10.06.

Happy Halloween guys and gals..


“Case 037.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    the car on the left is parking on what is suppose to be a passage.

  2. Anonymous tina Says:

    Let's just say none of them have parked properly. They would be in legit parking spots if your flip them round (move the vitara to the left and the other 2 cars to the right).

  3. Blogger Management of YPI Says:

    Thanks Tina. Much appreciated.

  4. Anonymous pianoman Says:

    emm, i have seen these parking spaces... i went there 4 times during puasa month only.( Depan Nie Taylor shop and dapan kadai shin koh.. Hantar baju raya, ambil baju raya, adjust baju raya and so on lah ) It was design like that,a mix of parallel parking and side by side parking. None of the cars' driver in the photo were wrong. Don't believe me, go there and double check it for yourself.

  5. Anonymous tina Says:

    Maybe some perspective would help. I forgot to mention that I took this photo almost in front of RSH facing towards the entrance i.e. Netcom/Triple Star. Pianoman would be right if I'd taken the photo facing the other way.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    if you look properly, the vitara and the hub-truck is parking properly, if you can see the paint properly. the car on the extreme left is parking at an access way. I am willing to bet 10 dollar that i am right.

  7. Blogger 6wan2 Says:

    yeh that hyundai car is parking on the passage.. its not a parking space

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