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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Drum Roll...

Dear Parking Idiot Lovers of Brunei,

When I posted this website, my vision was to unite us as a nation of parking idiot haters so we can fight against the idiocy of our fellow countrymen and women and naming and shaming them into submission. Your overwhelming response to my website and contribution has been extremely appreciated and for your passion in revealing parking idiots in your everyday lives, I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my Parking Idiot Hating Heart.

In response to your passion, I have decided to
come up with a new way in which to get everyone more involved in our new pastime, that that is for us all to vote for the Parking Idiot of the Month Award. All you have to do is to click on the Comment link on the Case Number in question, and then in the comment section, just type VOTE. At the end of the voting period, the case with the most number of comments will win the award. Once the award has been confirmed, it is our task.... no, our PASSIONATE DUTY to seek out the Parking Idiot of that Month and when we see him/her on the streets of Brunei, to salute him/her for their contribution to our society in giving us a passionate cause.

Please support this cause and show our passion towards recognising our source of passion! But please, Parking idiots, although ARE idiots are also human (barely), so please do not place a lamp shade on their head like the picture.

“Drum Roll...”

  1. Anonymous UcingItam Says:

    I support you 200%! these parking idiots are a big time nuisance, screwing other people's lives. Another thing on the road disgusts me; sunday drivers cruising at 50km/h with their hands hanging outside the window..on the right hand side of a double lane..on a busy peak hour!! Really..some people just dont know etiquette on the road! Or shall I say, they're just deliberately being inconsiderate!

  2. Anonymous EmmaGoodEgg Says:

    Dear YPIs - I like the idea of the flyer. Small steps like these, funnily enough, make our 'world' a better place :) xx

  3. Anonymous Meter Maid Says:

    As Meter Man (my beloved online hubby) has mentioned, DO NOT GET CAUGHT - You will be disowned and we will disavow all knowledge of your existence and the flyer will self destruct in your pants!

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