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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 038.

Contributed by Sexy Mad Mama!!

Oh MAN!! This is what I call 'kebasaran'!! If you're gonna wait for the kids, you gotto make the best of it, huh? This one's just wasted 2 extra slots because of the way it's parked.

From the words of Sexy Mad Mama, "Obviously this parking idiot works in the school or maybe not. whatever it is, this idiot chose that nice shade under the tree. Parking space within the school grounds is limited, parking lagi cematu. some people!"

Look out parents. Mad Mama'a out to get ya!!

Taken at the Jigsaw Play School at Kiarong. Time 11:45am. Date 31.10.06.


“Case 038.”

  1. Anonymous pianoman Says:

    R u sure the was parked unattended or there was the driver waiting inside... because if the driver was inside then perhaps this case shud not become a case.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    The car was left unattended, no driver, car locked, engine off. Sexy mad mama.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I know the owner of this car who is no idiot. Well, i guess she chose to park there because her car is big.. No space what?? di mana tah? I would also park my car under the shade because its 11.45am close to noon where the matahari is just a "jangkal" away and last but not least she was there first.. not you hahahaha

  4. Blogger Management of YPI Says:

    That's kind true. I don't want to encourage this but who do u think is the idiot? The one's who's parked in the shade or the ones who's not? Hehehe...

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    its more of being selfish.. saja kan belimbu bah ni

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