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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 039.

Contributed by Tanda Satu.

Hehe.. 'I'm the King of the WORLD!! Ain't nobody else but me around here, so i might as well park however I want..'

Hehehe!! Ehem.. I'm not gonna say much about this because of obvious reasons, so I'll just let the photo do the talking. (kana pancar kilat karang...)

Taken at Masjid Lambak Kiri opp PTE. Time 11:36. Date 01.11.06.


“Case 039.”

  1. Anonymous Cerempet Says:

    haha dimaafkan pasal nada kereta lain hence inda menyusahkan..but heck..doesnt mean the title IDIOT gonna be scrapped.. once an idiot.always an idiot!

  2. Blogger Dalila Says:

    Eh, dapan skulah ku tu eh. Nanti ku cari siapa punya kerita. Hahaha. Pagi kan tu? How come kusung ah? Hehe. Maybe pasal no upper sixth students. Must be the lower sixth student, keahiran so gagas ia parking cematu. Hahaha. *pandai2 buat sendiri*

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    pernah org threaten to sue this site kah?

  4. Blogger P1anx.G2C Says:

    aku kenal 2 keta sapa haha...~ idiot bnr...~

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