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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 041.

Contributed by Wildfire.

I've been waiting for someone to take one from the P1 parking area at the airport. This one I personally think is very VERY inconsiderate. When people park like this, cars parked on the right side of the picture are going to have a lot of trouble getting out because of reduced clearance caused by, say for example, the Pajero, in this case.

I don't know how hard we from YPI have to stress this but try to be more considerate. If you look closer to the photo, there is a cone just by the Kijang (?)(looks like a Kijang). Thats a no parking zone as its clearly painted. But still people park there, to the extend that somebody had to physically put a barrier to stop people from parking there. How low must we go? We have brains.. Use it.

Enuff blabbering..

Taken at P1 parking area at the airport. Time 14:30. Date 02.11.06.


“Case 041.”

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