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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 051.

Contributed by Random Curiosity.

You'd think that they're stopping to say hi to each other but you are wrong. The place just ran out of empty slots. So what do you do when there's no more slots? Just put the park brakes on, turn off the ignition, lock the car and off you go!!

I hate to think, if there was an emergency, how the other cars would go about trying to get out of there when those 2 cars are blocking the way.

Taken at ITB parking lot. Time 10:55am. Date 06.11.06.


“Case 051.”

  1. Blogger Nonnie King Says:

    I don't know now but back then, we (me and my classmates) did that too. But we only blocked our own classmates car having the same classes.

  2. Blogger leejah Says:

    Hey..Im from here..But its so true bah.Not enuf parking space,(jangan harap ada parking after 7 30 am, mesti pasang doa/tawakal dulu mun kan ampit parking)students masani mampu dah berkereta unlike dulu,so it wasnt an issue then.We dont even have our own formal halls for formal functions..(Wahh..C leejah mengomplain!!)*relek..relek..*

    Nways, We do blocked other cars,but make sure its our friends,So there are categories on the parking spaces,kalo arah gambar tu for mechanical,engineerings peeps,middle is for computer and business peeps,(The CIS peeps made a sticker logo and stick it on the windshield so that other peeps will know that the car belongs to a CIS dept) and you can find CIS peeps at the concorse hogging the internet connections and playing CS..Teehee..

    Tapi yg penting nya ITB is small and we know whose car belongs to whom..(ahh..lurus kah henglesh ku tu?!!)..but u get the gist lho..macam lari dari topik saja aku ni?!!

    Anyway..handal lah yg double blocking atu..Stedeyy..gerenti gagas kan masuk class tu..nyeh..nyeh..

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    but still.. theres always parking slots at the back i.e behind the mechanical dept lab.. No wonder most ITB people gain weight.. coz they're just too lazy to walk the extra meters

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