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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 054.

Contributed by Stukin Bubus.

From the words of emmagoodegg, Stukin Bubus has run amok with his camera phone. This is not a parking idiot but an idiot non the less.

The notorious U-turn in Gadong just in front of Hua Ho that we all know and love is where idiots show their true colours. The one lane U-turn turned two sometime thus blocking the roads and making drivers behind them brake like crazy. This is DANGEROUS and I can't stress that enough.

Everybody's in a rush but don't let that turn us into a freakin' moron.

Taken at the infamous U-turn Gadong. Time rush hour. Date 06.11.06.


“Case 054.”

  1. Anonymous sambal-belacan Says:

    GO~ stukin! GO~ stukin!

  2. Anonymous Phoenix Says:

    I hate that u-turn! People just cut in and if I'm not lucky, I'll get scratches on my baby! I always ready my hand on the horn for it. Then they're in for a really nice long honk.

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