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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 061.

Contributed by Twelve J.

This is a 2 in 1 YPI Posting. I have been shamed into submission by my fellow team members! Parkurass, I'm going to kickurass cos you just made me malu! heheh, no no welcome aboard. I have to apologise cos I have been sooooo busy with my other side business (which I shall not name cos it may be socially unacceptable). Anyway here are our idiots. This red little YPI here likes to park at the side of the basement to make ALL other drivers have to squeeze through a tiny little space to get through. Very very selfish behaviour. I don't understand why people do this. I just don't understand.

Here, this YPI wanted to park his car in the lift but he couldn't fit it in, so he had no choice but to park next to it and block everyone else in the process. What an inconsiderate YPI? Park inside the lift? Who does he think he is??? Even me, Datin Meter Maid with my Mercedes S class leather seat, keyless entry, with customised OSIM driver chair with foot massager attached, don't park in the lift! Kurang ****... heheh (no no, I don't mean that in a rude way, just a sarcastic but polite and respective manner).

Taken at PGGMB Building , BSB. Time: Approximately 5.30pm Date 07.11.06.


“Case 061.”

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