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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 067.

Contributed by Spartan.

It gave me a migraine (thanks Spartan) and a hubble telescope to figure out what was written below the shopping trolley or cart, this is what it says, i think, "Shopping idiot left this shopping cart next to a car left by another parking idiot-imagine if the 2 involve in a collision... NAHAS!"

While looking at the low resolution pic, i try to dig into Spartan's noodle...Firstly, never ever park your car like the circled car, because its just simply idiotic, it obstructs other road tax payers to move with ease (just look at the car next to it, i feel sorry for him/her, inching his/her way to get through), plus its not a parking space!!!!. Secondly, please dont just leave the shopping cart like that...enough said!!! And the shopping trolley is left unattended, who knows what might happened next... shopping cart ram into the PI's car?

Taken at TPH Kiulap. Lunch time. Date 09.11.06.


“Case 067.”

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