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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 073.

Contributed by Snap Shutter.

I think Snap Shutter stuttered abit when taking a shot at this, scared of being caught... hehe!! Sorry mate, but you got to have a bit of fun right? I'd be cautious too if I were taking photos of PIs.

On a serious note, take a look at the photo. No rush, no traffic, lots of space.. but still there is always someone who don't know how to park properly.

Hey guys.. I'm grateful that alot of contributions have been coming in lately but readers would like to know abit of details of the PIs. So where and when must be included when you send in the photos okay.

When and where unknown...


“Case 073.”

  1. Anonymous cik rose Says:

    hehehe sampai jua hajatnya submit this photo..

    i shud've snapped d photo last nite di mall.. two super expensive cars mengampai keta mcm nada bah arah basement mall ah..

    BMW 7 series on d left side.. and Lexus GS300 on d right side.... untuk exit to ramp keatas ah.. from basement 2 to basement 1.. hehe..

    i think urg brunei ani.. kalau keta mahal = bleh ampai dimana saja.. nobody would scratch it.. *RIGHT!!!*.. nanti ia nanti!!..

    boh aku ah kusut hehe...

    IF i was driving last nite.. abis chia scratch kali jua dat carS!...


  2. Blogger Management of YPI Says:

    Snap Shutter wrote this.. "the picture was taken masa mlm puasa.. I cant remember function apa time atu.. yg arah icc.. haha (reading ur post) awueh.. siapa inda takut.. wat happen if the owner ada blakangku? menanya "bhapa ko gmbr kreta ku atu?" haha"

    Thanks Snap Shuuter for your contribution.

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