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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 077.

Contributed by Cat's Queen.

I'll let Queenie tell you the story behind this..

"This effing PI was to be found at Jing Chiew this morning (Mon 13 Nov) around 9am. As you can see, the PI was parked at a yellow stripey box which clearly indicated NO parking as it was an alternative escape route from Jing Chiew. The PI thinking that probably he's car if driven through would have no ill-effects decided to just put his car there and not allow anybody utilise what was the way out.
I'm just "argh" as it's only Monday and already I was stuck in my parking spot for about 20 miutes due to a PI!!!"

As you can see, it pays alot to be considerate. If it weren't for the PIs, we would all be having a good day everyday (and we at the YPI wouldn't have this blog. Hehe!)

Taken at Jing Chiew. Time 9ish am. Date 13.11.06.


“Case 077.”

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