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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 092.

Contributed by Stukin bubus.

Dear Mr Stukin Bubus,

I would like to get your attention to the photo that youve sent me. The owner of this white Toyota Cressida has done nothing offending or annoying to other civilised road users.He/she has every rights to park his/her like any other normal people.


Oooo..what the hell,..the owner of that bl**dy stupid white Toyota Cressida is just another uncivilised irresponsible tree hugging hippy bl**dy f***ing Parking Idiot!!!.

Taken at Jaya Hypermart Gadong. 17th November 2006 @ 1533hrs.


“Case 092.”

  1. Anonymous dee Says:

    When I read the first paragraph and looked at the picture Im thinking whaaattt? yeaah riighht!! Then second paragraph I laughed my head off hehehe..Im sooo glad Im not driving.

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