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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 111.

Contributed by VR4RS.

The one in the middle of the picture is just your ordinary PI. What interest me more is the Proton Saga, second car from the left. It shouldn't be parked over there because it's a no parking zone. Why you might ask.. can't you read the sign? Its a fire exit. Which is why you are not allowed to park there.

These no parking zones are there for a reason. Nobody respects the signs until something bad happens..

Taken at Yayasan basement parking area.
Time 14.32. Date 24.11.06

“Case 111.”

  1. Blogger Effy Says:

    erm.. i don't see any proton saga. second from the left you say?

  2. Blogger Idiot Patrol Says:

    ok.. so maybe it wasn't a proton saga.. it was just a wild guess. HEHE!! Anyways.. Its the one in front of the Fire Exit sign, 2nd car from the left.

  3. Anonymous VR4RS Says:

    Aheeeeeem!!!! Its a proton alright BUT a WIRA rather than a SAGA.....!


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