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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 117, 118 and 119.

Contributed by VR4RS, again.

Since VR4RS has been a regular contributor and a PGGMB multi storey car park 'spy', i will let his words to be published here.

There exist an abundance of Parking Idiots at PGGMB building. The reason being, there is no enforcement of proper parking etiquete. Please find are images of few more!

Case 117: Toyota Kijang - Showing impoperly parked Kijang which "robs" other users of a parking spot.

2) Case 118: Ford Laser - Showing a Ford Laser parked as close as possible to the entrance (a case of the magnetised door) .

Case 119: Suzuki Ignis -And at the corner showing the Ignis parked at a no parking spot which makes it quite hard to manouver to higher level. The Ignis from earlier shot.......sunbathing due to its solar powered engine....maybe!

28th November 2006 @ 0930 onwards.

“Case 117, 118 and 119.”

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