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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 141.

Contributed by VR4RS.

Ok, I know I said that it's just a one off thing, but VR4RS deserve to get this one the way he wants it. Why you might ask? Read on...

"This particular PI was the MOST EXTREME of the LOT! "She" just simply parked her car blocking two cars and happened to be, one of them is mine. We both waited for about 10minutes then even after honking our horns, no sight of her. Only after another 05minutes that she came and removed her car WITHOUT even apologizing for the 15minutes of misery we endured!

p/s I do hope you could have the reg number not blurred.........pleasssssseeeeeeeeee!"

There you go mate. I hope you find this easing your suffering a bit.

Taken at the Communist Shopping Lot.
Time 22:34. Date 14.12.06.

“Case 141.”

  1. Anonymous YPI Hater Says:

    That's what you call stupid. Waiting 25 minutes for this person??I would've happily paid $50 for the towing company to tow the car away. Thanks for not blurring this STUPID BODOH PALOI YPI! Will the owner of car no. BU6456 - KAU PALOI!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    So what the girl say about the sticker across the wind shield?

  3. Anonymous Jay Says:

    I bet she jumped with joy knowing that she'll be featured at YPI. Haha!!

  4. Anonymous war Says:

    such an irresponsible, selfish idiot.. not to mention lack of respect and courtesy.. idiot is always an idiot..

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