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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 153.

Contributed by 1-ate-3.

'Its a busy day for people, yeah, its pay-day, means crowd at the bank!! And this person park his/her car using two parking spaces. People are annoyed. Hello, wake up. Be reasonable to others also.'

And this is what i think should be done to ignorant, irresponsible and insonsiderate PIs, if flyers and stickers does not work, try embossing 'YPI CAUGHT' onto their cars, see photos. It is just one of my wild and crazy imagination, so..'don't try this at home kids'.

Taken at Wisma Haji Md Taha Building. Date : 04.01.2007 @ 1516hrs.

“Case 153.”

  1. Blogger ezann Says:

    hmmm..is that car's license plate KH548? If it is so then he is not only a parking idiot but also a driving idiot!!!

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