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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 158 - 164

Contributed by Zephyr.

Oh man!! Zep's having a field day. She sent me like a gazillion (well.. maybe not a gazillion but it sure feels like it though) photos all in one go. So let quit babbling and go on with the show.

Case 158.

Nice bike.. hmm.. no plate number to blur. This guy knows what he's doing...

Case 159.

I'm not sure where exactly this is but it must be near an entrance..

Case 160.

Another bike!! Not as pretty as the first one but a PI non the less. Plate number was there, blurred courtesy of Zep.

Case 161 (are we near a gazillion yet?).

Another bike yet again!! We have got to have parking spaces for all these bikes or Zep's gonna have them all on camera! I'd rather them parked in a car parking slot then have them there by the side of the road.

Case 162.

Ah.. a different place. So what's the story with this PI? Well according to Zep, this one is parked right in the middle of the entrance to the car parking area. Zep said that she had to maneuver twice to get out of the tight spot. She also said that it would've been ok if it was at the side of the road and not the middle, we say it would not!! Hehe. Sorry Zep, we just couldn't resist.

I know what this guy is thinking. He thinks he the center of the universe.

Case 163 (surely we must be nearing a gazillion by now).

No parking signs around yet still PI wouldn't think twice about it. And just look at the signs. It's been vandalized. I can't see how people can get 'kicks' by doing so. It's just making it hard on the eyes to see people's properties being destroyed like that. Come guys, you're just wasting your buck to buy those cans of spray.

Case One Gazillion and Four.

And finally we're back to where we started which is the Mall. Gosh.. How on earth can u misjudge the lines by that much!!! I guess you gotto be a PI to find out.

I can't feel my fingers anymore...

“Case 158 - 164”

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