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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Edited. Rejected.

Contributed by krushedvelvet.

'...baru ko nyaman,inda kan pandai merati, luan di asuh bah babal ah..' In other words, served you right you parking idiot, well done Mr. Policeman sir!

And as worded by the sender, 'I don't know whether this constitutes as a parking idiot or not.. but this guy was clearly occupying the handicapped ramp at the airport, despite it being clearly marked.. He was there for a while when a member of the local constabulary came over and gave him an earful about his transgression.. It really made my day that this idiot was caught and reprimanded.. and on camera as well.'

Edited : I have to reject this case. First of all there is a driver in the car which means he can drive away from the said location anytime or ushered away by the authority, which in this case by Mr. Policeman, well done sir.

Taken at Brunei International Airport's only ramp (outside building at departure). Date: 18.01.2007 @ 1050hrs.

“Edited. Rejected.”

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