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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 172.

Contributed by Piggelo.

I thought this would be another YPI International, but sadly it wasn't. Read on, 'Hey there, i would like to submit a photo. I parked in one of Miri's shopping complexes' basement parking. I had a difficult time to park my car due to a 'parking idiot'. I thought it was a Miri-an car, but surprisingly it was a Bruneian car! Pls post this photo so that Brunei parking idiots would be educated. Thanx!'

Caught!! The car (the PI) behind the white car thinks the lot is not big enough for his/her big car. D'uh!

Taken in Miri Town.Date: 20.01.2007 @ 1322hrs.

“Case 172.”

  1. Anonymous Piggelo Says:

    that Sorento gave me hard time to park my car. damn those parking idiots! not just in Brunei, they also do that in Miri! unbelievable!

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