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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Special No-Photo-Submitted Case.

Contributed by 48.

This was posted on her site. Just a wakeup call for everyone. I always thought that history is doomed to repeat itself unless we do something to stop it.

"Best Bruneian remark I've heard on 22 March 2007 (Pay Day) before 9pm outside The Mall's basement parking entrance:

Man in red Vitara parks INFRONT of the entrance of the basement parking, while waiting for the orange cone to be remove.

Man pulls down his window and talked to a man outside with a topi haji "Eh panuh sudah parking basement ani" (Looks like the basement parking is full)

Paji found the puuuuurrrfect solution and said "parking siring
saja" (park by the side)

We happened to hear this conversation whilst crossing (or more like waltzing) pass the congested traffic on Pay Day, and rolled our eyes when we heard what Paji said. Shiiiissssshhhh typical Bruneians. No offence! No wonder you guys are causing traffic when people like you are blocking the road when you parked your "I - CAN - AFFORD - TO - GET - A - CAR - LOAN - BUT- TOO - LAZY - TO - PARK - ELSEWHERE - WHERE - IT'S - EITHER- TOO - FAR - OR- COST - ANOTHER -$2 BUT - IT'S - TWO - STREETS - AWAY- car" by the side of the curb i.e. NO PARKING ZONE!"

What I'm trying to say is that sometimes the elderly thinks that what they do is always right. We can't tell them what to do because then we'd be biadap or kurang ajar. The best thing to do is not to follow their lead. The world is changing and we have to change with it. The puck stops here.. starting with us. Don't be an idiot, be considerate to others..

Okay, enough about this, lets have some more photos guys and gals!!

“Special No-Photo-Submitted Case.”

  1. Anonymous TheDroog Says:

    Yeah, I hate it when they say we're biadap or shit like that. I always make it a point to point out their mistakes, be it confronting some traffic offender or honking people when they get into the wrong lane at the big roundabout.

    Once I told my dad to honk at someone who crossed lanes inappropriately at the roundabout. He tried to reason that the other person might not like being honked at. I pointed out that if these people are let loose to their own perverted rules and laws which only exist in their own minds, down the line, they might repeat this stupid act and get someone killed in the process.

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