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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 219.

Contributed by (CENSORED).

I am sorry to tell you (CENSORED), but we at YPI are unable to post the photo above due to the fact that Police Cars are above the law and are able to do what ever they want.

Like for instance, in the above photo, they might be on a stake out, or maybe there was a robbery in progress, or an accident and so on and so forth.

Therefore we will not post the above photo on this blog. So sorry..

“Case 219.”

  1. Anonymous TheDroog Says:

    That's ultimate lulz there.

  2. Anonymous TheObserver Says:

    Yeah man, the police are SO above the law, after all they oversee the road traffic enforcement. There was once upon a time a police woman (recognised from her uniform)driving her 4wd near the traffic light at the T-junction of Nursing College/Business School/Beribi in Gadong. The queue heading to Gadong ( which lead to another traffic light of Gadong HQ/Tungku/Batu Bersurat) was long, so she queued up at the lane that goes to Beribi ( leading to the Beribi roundabout/TAIB petrol station). Upon entering the Beribi lane she made an illegal U-turn just before the traffic light of Beribi (near the entrance of the barracks of JKR) at the T-junction. Maybe she's trying to set an example on how to jump the queue? I bet she's attending an emergency too.

  3. Anonymous TheDroog Says:

    So... Who wants to make a new site? Police Idiots of Brunei?

  4. Blogger Idiot Patrol Says:

    Habis.. KANA TANGKAP KU NI!!!! hehehe...

  5. Anonymous Wildfire Says:

    Not only they're above the law, they're abusing the law. Well sorry to say I spell police as I.D.I.O.T.

  6. Anonymous Zephyr Says:

    hehe... i see those *police* cars everywhere actually. AND parked like nobody's business. pointless taking a pic of them coz lyk wat YPI said, they myt JUST be *doing* their jobs.


    Hahahaha~ *rotflmao*

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