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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 226.

Contributed by Lorene.


Have no idea how to get pics to you so i thought i would just email (well..you just did, thanks)...This was taken at RIPAS just after lunch hour last week at the parking lot at the basement (basement parking again) was FULL and these were SOME (that means,there's plenty more) of the cars that i took pictures off.. I apologize for the quality
( that won't be a problem) of the pics as I was using my low-quality mobile phone (SonyEricsson K510i) :P.. I took the liberty of enlarging them, but not too good...Am sending you both original and resized pics (posted and published here is the low quality original pics).. who knows you can do some digital magic :) (the magic has been done!)

Just needed to let off some steam (you are in the right place)...grrr... hehe.

Have a great week.

Taken at RIPAS basement parking. Date : 18.04.2007 @ 1438 onwards.

“Case 226.”

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