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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 227-228 and rejected case 229.

Contributed by Retarded Genius who forgot to put down his name..

Retarded Genius went out hunting. He got 3!! Not bad for a night's job, huh?

The first two photos are the ones I hate most. It causes great difficulty for the ones parked at the left to get out, especially if the PI is too far away from the curb ( case 227). *And the next two photos show a PI parked his/her car as if they owned the 'jalan', typical! (case 228). The other one is just rejected (case 229) because, 1. there aren't any parking box painted on, 2. it's actually a makeshift parking space due to lack of parking spaces available, 3. because i know pretty well that area BUT some idiots blocked the route out from the back of the Taurean Cafe building!

* edited by ParkUrAss

Taken at Q-lap near Beseller
Time : around 6:30pm, 1st May 2007

“Case 227-228 and rejected case 229.”

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