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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 232 and 233.

Contributed by Retarded Genius.

As sent in the e-mail, but i have to do some spelling check [ ]. Hehe..

Walkin around ~ went for breakfast at PGGMB foodcourt~ went for a smoke in the parkinglot~ n [and] there we go !

Hah apakan. [?], anyways..

Now theseeee [these] pics [pictures] of PIs, i always hated these types of PIs, so here's my chance ! ohhhh [oh] if only they knew...

PGGMB 9-storey _ parking lot, the spaces are almost endless, i mean, its NEVER full! But i always wonder... why do they have to park like this? Its soooo [so] annoying. They can afford to buy a car, but not fuels? (maybe their reason wus [was] 'kan save minyak'), yeah yeah i know its not free, but other ppl [people] want to park too. Oh what am i babbling haha.

Case 232. 1st two pics [pictures] : Taken right in front of the stairs, and a few mins [minutes] before i took this pic [picture], a lady carrying a big bag wus [was] having trouble passing by the stairs becuz [because] of the PI's 'clever decision'.

Case 233. 3rd and 4th pics [pictures] : Oh i like this one, the white Mercy [Merc/Mercedes] was parking right in front of the first ramp to go up to 2nd lvl [level], his car wus [was] huge and took so big of a space that a car WILL have difficulties going up esp [especially] if its a van. But as i realize, when i took the front view, haha the Soluna wus [was] a PI too, but not too big of a problem tho [though].

So there u have it !

- Retarded Genius. (aku ingat da! haha)

Pic taken : PGGMB 9-Storey _ parking lot, BSB.

Date: 4th May 2007, around 10am.

*edited* no 's' in storey...hmmm..

“Case 232 and 233.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Case 233 - The white Mercedes is driven(was driven?) by a lady. Serial parking idiot. Non-apologetic. Should name and shame this person.

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