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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 242.

Contributed by Zm.

I'm gonna let Zm explain this...

Greetings YP Management. I have another idiot for all to ridicule. Before I show you the pictures, let me tell you the parking situation at my working place is. There has never been adequate parking spaces. Therefore, it's sort of allowable for people to park at "illegal" spaces provided that YOU DON'T FRICKIN' BLOCK OTHER PEOPLE'S WAY!

With a recent huge project going on in our company, there are a lot of contractors going in & out hence making it even harder to find a parking space. So, there I was, coming in to work, discovering there's no more legitimate space, decided to park alongside other people's cars - making a perpendicular parking - and making absolutely sure there's ample space for people to move their cars. And there were other cars in line with me.

So, when I wanted to go out during lunchtime, I was pissed seeing a Merc parked next to me, leaving me with... no room to get out! Oh.. I wasn't going out to a meeting. It's only lunch. But lunch was 30 frickin' minutes away!!

Luckily for me, the car parked perpendicular to me got out, leaving me just enough room to maneuver. Apa nya orang tani "sangal ku memistar2 stereng wil!" Thank those engineers for power-steering wheels huh. Instead of getting out in a "normal" way, I had to reverse like a snake and got out on a different lane.

Unfortunately for the driver/owner of the Merc, I took my time taking pictures of it. Had half a mind to do something to the car...no...not damage..that's still someone's property - just wishing I had a post-it note with me and maybe write something like "Don't blame anyone if your car gets bumped/scratched/whatever. Your own fault, you parking idiot!" Words CAN hurt more than actions. Oh... goodness. It could be someone I know. It could be someone in my department.

Oh that's not all. In the afternoon (I parked somewhere else) but still passing by that space.... That car was still there!!! UGH!!! HELLO. If you're not planning to move your car by lunch time, don't block other people's car!! Now that...got me really miffed and "made" my day and made me to send this to you.

Thanks and sorry for the long explanation.

This is my car. So angry forgot to shut the door. Anyhoo... there was another car behind. And notice the car to the left..what I meant by perpendicular..

Princess on board? More like frickin' brat on stupid big car.

See that space in front of the car on the most left? I parked there. Notice the placing next to the Merc-bleugh. So, I had to pistar-pistar to reverse my way out thus ending where I took this picture at.

Moral of the story: Park anywhere you want. Sure, we'll mock you. BUT, don't park ANYWHERE that blocks other people's way out! Unless you know that person. Unless you have the courtesy to leave your contact number on my car. Unless you don't want your precious expensive car to have an "accident"! What if people you blocked had an emergency???? What if it were you? How would you feel? What would you say? What would YOU do? So there. Wonderful.

Not a happy bunny that Zm.. and please don't vandalize other people's property on purpose.

Submitted 23.05.07

“Case 242.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Someone I know told me once he was also blocked by a car once at the mall - a kijang no less, and it took him a better part of 30 mins calling security and finally maneuvering out of the spot. He conveniently tapped the bastard's car and left a gouging mark on the side panels as a souvenir. Not that I condone violence and property damage, but sometimes you just feel these people have it coming. this one a mercedes no less. Idiot in the fullest sense

  2. Anonymous TheDroog Says:

    My experience was close to home. In fact, it was right infront of my garage. The Ketua Kampung parked right at the entrance of my parking spot at my garage which prevented me to get into my spot. And he took his time at a neighbour's doa selamat. Now that's Kurang Ajar.

    You expect others to use at least half a brain when making their parking decisions, but people are daft wankers.

    If you have your buddies with you, careful arrangement... I mean, picking up the car and move it to some stupid decision... would make for a funny night, soothing your anger a bit. For example, a Kijang can be picked up with a minimum of three people, but 5 or 6 is recommnded to lift one end of the ground.

  3. Blogger iantie Says:

    i couldn't help but to laugh at Zm's comment. Don't get me wrong. It's frustrating, I know but the way you tell the story, really makes me smile...bwa bsabar...;)

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