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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 243.

Contributed by Retarded Genius.

Sorry to just cut and paste what you guys wrote but still abit too busy with work.

so here they are!

oh and about the Mitsubishi galant, i never wouldve thought i'd saw a PI in person. lol. A chinese woman, slumberly parked her car like this while others were trying to find a suitable parking space (including me!). I was so pissed off.. moments later i found a parking, parked my car correctly, and went to the PI's car. I was enjoying and taking my time taking beautiful pictures of her car while there were other ppl staring at me - probably wondering why I was taking pictures of the PI's car - and i was so pissed off that i dont even care. awu eh ilang stealth mode,lol.

Well i guess thats it, more to come~ hehe.

- Retarded Genius.

Mitsubishi Galant - taken in front of Brunei Hotel Building, BSB.

Colt & Echo - PGGMB Building.

Atoz - Just Outside Yayasan.

Nissan Sunny - forgot where haha.=P

the other 2 (the one with a Vios) - Yayasan Basement Parking.

Thanks man, glad to hear your phone is working again.

“Case 243.”

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