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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

YPI International 016.

Contributed by VR4RS.

Mr. VR4RS has made my sweet life even sweeter. I don't have to squeeze my brain juice to do or create the scenario. So here it is, originally copied and pasted from the e-mail, no editing, no spelling check, just a wisdom by the author, VR4RS.


Please find an image of several International PIs in Dubai UAE. The pic was taken from my office which shows

PI # 1, A delivery motocycle being parked inside a parking lot which are designed for cars.

PI # 2, A Prado parked in the middle (occupying two spaces thinking he/she can have the whole space becuse the dividing line was not repainted....however there is a very faint marking clearly showing the parking allotment.

PI # 3, Came along a Chrysler 300C and saw the tight space between the maroon car and the Prado BUT still persistent to park his/her car there.

PI # 4 & PI # 5, the two cars parked obstructing the traffic flow.

PI # 6, The Audi Q7 was parked not within the boundries of the designated parking space.

Possible/logical explaination....these people used to RIDING CAMELS only thus unable to park these cars!...he..he..he...

Best Regards!


Taken in UAE.

“YPI International 016.”

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