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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 260.

Contributed by Fareza.

Fareza's not a happy bunny.. This is what she has to say..

I'm not quiet satisfied with PI's especially if they're in a good close-up to my life. I caught one at ITB while I was cruising in my car. We all know that the juniors and some of the final year students of ITB are having their semester break after their stressful exams. So this means there's a lot of vacant parking available at ITB. And I know that the line dividing the parkings is fading away (I pointed the line with a red arrow). But that doesn't mean you can park like it's your dad's parking right? Someone innocent might hit your car while trying to park beside you. PI's are bull, that's all I can say.

PS: That person didn't even bother to change his tyre for goodness sake, if you look closely he/she has got a bald tyre. Life at ITB is stressful enough I hope, that people managed to forget their safety ;)

Hope this posting cheers you up.

Submitted 16.06.07.

“Case 260.”

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