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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 263.

Contributed by Zm.

"..I have another shot of another "brilliant" PI. It was at The Mall, Gadong, of course. There weren't a lot of cars parked around. It's just that this person was probably too lazy to make another turn. Maybe he/she was late for a movie. Maybe he/she was too hungry to park properly. Or just maybe, the person was on the verge of peeing/sh*tting in his/her pants. Whatever the reason was, I don't think it was right to park this way. This picture was taken last week on Saturday 9th. It was in the morning actually (not sure why the file info shows 2pm - gotta check my camera). I remember 'cause I was having lunch at a restaurant in The Mall that day at 11+ am.

ANYWAYS...surely you recognise exactly where this was taken. Just to the right of the frame is the side door - to a clothes shop. And notice the No Right Turn sign. We know it's a one-way lane - No Right Turn. The point is, not only this person went the wrong way, he/she also parked carelessly without regards to other drivers and even to his/her own car. Apa nya orang, "Inda sayang kerita kah?"
Oh well, just something to muse me on that day. I hope you enjoyed that one..."

..oh yea, i enjoyed that, really..


“Case 263.”

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