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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 275.

Contributed by JaMiLLa.

See how PIs has made JaMilla so angry...

"..The bronze Madza vehicle was blocking the "OUT" way in the main entrance of The Mall, Gadong. At first I thought the vehicle was blocking by the queued vehicles which entered The Mall and trying to exit. When I moved closer, its not. Its the vehicle itself who block the exit way and caused the traffic jam. The way the driver parking is dramatically teruk. The vehicle did not park beside the pedestrian as the photo shown. It's in the middle of road. I am so angry that the driver did not think of other vehicle which wanted to exit using that particular place that he/she parked. It is common sense that The Mall Gadong is traffic jam most of the time. And yet he/she choose to park in that particular place to increase the traffic conjunction of The Mall. It is making more people to wait for some time to get out just bcos of that irresponsible driver. It is a turning area for vehicle to exit but not for parking. If the vehicle did not park there, the flow of vehicle will be better. I posted this photo not to judge people but to warn people from preventing this incident. It's one of the human behaviour. Before you park and leave your car, please think of other people too. I know that sometimes we will park wrongly like over the line but pls do think whether it causes a big problem or not if you park at that way..."

“Case 275.”

  1. Anonymous Jinjo Says:

    This one is really really cari pasal!!! Pissed me off, baru mliat gambar. If aku sana wah, abis dah nie sumpah serapah tia!!! Byk tia dosa2 ku lagi menyumpah. Adui. Mengapatah dorang anie suka membuat orang lain tanggung dosa menyumpah dorang. *haha* Mental eh mentallll!!!!

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