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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 278.

Contributed by r3dRaG00n.

Welcome back RD, and this is what RD has to say...

"..Hey Guys Got pissed of by the person in the first picture, tats y i'm back heheheh !!! No offense but i'd rather let the "New" contributor to do their jobs. ANyway the first picture was taken today at the maktab sains college during peak hours (time org balik skulah lah tu) This person actually parked his/her car at the roadside so that the car is nearer to the office instead of parking his/her car at the "NORMAL" parking space like any other "NORMAL" human being. the 2nd picture was taken near mister pizza at delima. well as you can see hmmm large cars need "large" parking space ... hmmmmmmmm . blocked the license number for me please krg ada org mengamuk hahahahahaha. anyway thanks !!!

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“Case 278.”

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