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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 300!!!!

Contributed by Kalupis Pais.

Case 300 is from a new contributor, well done mate and congratulations, sorry there will be no prizes be given here....anyway get yourself a dvd in kadai kominis title 300, hehehe.

And here is what Kalupis Pais has to say about the photos above, extracted from the sent e-mail, "...wow look at that!!! i have never seen a car idiotly parked like that!!.." Just in case you guys did not notice the first time, its the car with a red arrows pointing at it, thanks Kalupis Pais, i almost miss that. Anyway, he continues, "..Actually ah tampat atu ada udah signboard 'no parking', and that means the whole stretch of the road yg ada yellow painted line. What really makes me inda puas hati is, kenapa nada tindakan daripada the 'authority'. Adakah putting a 'no parking' signboard and a yellow line is just untuk mencukupi syarat/regulation of some code, i mean like a highway code where the lane should be this wide, etc. As for my concern is, what i think tampat atu bukan khas parking kereta is to facilitate emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances to get through the said area as fast and safe possible without making people in danger and crashing the cars that obstructed the way. By the way the whole strech of cars at the yellow line are idiots. So...my point is if the authority taking no action, no action at all, remove the 'no parking' signboards and erase the yellow line, lagi bisai di buat kan kotak paking tu.., because the said lane can accomodate two way trafic and siring nya jadi kan paking kereta. Oh ya, one more thing, 98%, i wont say 100%, even though i must, most of the cars parked there are those whom are working at the nearest government building, eg. DES(Jabatan Karan) and others. Bah atu saja.."

Thats the longest descriptive comment by a newbie, you deserve it maaan....

“Case 300!!!!”

  1. Anonymous .:E1D:. Says:

    Ani.... kes akhir bangun, was in a hurry to reach the office, and at the end 'tabak' parking saja since no free parking space available. Bruneians are really creative!(scarcasm)

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