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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 309, 310 and 311.

Contributed by Bob.

I've got to start making some names for different kinds of PI's. For instant, lets take these photos by Bob. All three of them took other people's parking area. Too selfish I think.

Why would you do that? Clearly these guys think that their cars are much more expensive and important that they have to take 2 spaces instead of one especially the last photo.

Anyone has a name for them? If its good and catchy, I'll start using them for upcoming photos..

Submitted on 19.10.07.
Infos.. APV-HuaHo Tg.Bnut, Lexus IS300-Basement Parking Yayasan, Bluebird Sylphy-Basement Parking Finance Ministry.

“Case 309, 310 and 311.”

  1. Anonymous .:E1D:. Says:

    Simple ja.. Im giving u 2 choices, but up to u if u wanna use it or not. No harm, no heart feeling. Hehhe

    1. LAPAR parking
    2. RANGKA (tamak) parking

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