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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 335.

Contributed by GoD's GiFT.

It's funny how a good deed is unnoticed but silly things are.. up to a point where you copy them? Well this one is an example.. first comes the yellow, then followed by the blue. GG calls them the Hummer Owner wannabes.

Submitted 08.12.07.
Taken at Qiulap Mall.

“Case 335.”

  1. Blogger G'nul Says:

    mcm 2 parking space for 1 car..tu same place with the same paking space...MMaaannnnn!!!

  2. Blogger anakbrunei Says:

    I have a slight gripe with these Kiulap Mall parking spaces... did the contractors use the measurements of a Perodua KANCIL for the parking spaces kah? Feels a tad tight lah...

    Perhaps the property managers should get those spots re-sized to more sane dimensions, inda payah hummer lah... Pajero pun ok jua since quite a number of Bruneians drive big four wheel drives so they can ferry their 3 and a half kids plus two helpers around (yours truly guilty here as well! hahah).

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