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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 347.

Contributed by The Droog.

The Droog went into a lot of trouble writing this so I'll let him have this..

"This was taken on the 28th of November, payday week, so everyone knows that Kiulap turns into a parking and traffic hellhole during those days. Was going for lunch around the area, and needed to send something off at a nearby restaurant, when suddenly I saw two parking spots open up. And there was just one car in front of me, which at least meant that I could get a parking spot right? Wrong.

The driver pulls in, managing to avoid hitting a lamp post with her beautiful car, and must've figured, "Hey, someone might not be able to fit a car into this here parking spot because the lamp post is in the way, so why not I take both, just because I have a fat ass that needed to be hauled out of this car."

By this time I was a good 50 metres away from this, and when I pulled up and saw that the driver took two spots, an expletive laden English-Malay sentence filled up my car. The driver was already out at this moment, and it was this typical Bruneian lady, complete with her holier than thou attitude with her nose so high she must've been depleting our ozone layer. I was still there, cursing and gesturing the fact that she went 'Line Blind' and she didn't even bat an eyelid.

No wonder I still have no faith for women drivers."

I hope your girlfriend is not reading this.. Hehe!!

Submitted 18.12.07.

“Case 347.”

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