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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 362.

Contributed by (The Missing) Piggy.

It's been awhile since Piggy submitted new photos. He was greatly missed.. but now he's BACK!!! Hehe!! AND... just in time for the new logo.. Woohoo!!

This one is from the new Super Duper Giant Mall. Only opened a few days and already idiots are swarming the place. Well we couldn't really blame them right? Hehe.. I mean how many new malls have opened and still we have yet to see one with doors on every inch of the walls where people can park close to it.. Hahaha!!

Submitted 27.03.08.
Good to have you back Piggy..

“Case 362.”

  1. Blogger Carzine Says:

    Thats Urban-OffRoad style parking 2 geng

  2. Anonymous Piggy Says:

    haha yea man.. offroad style parking banar tu

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