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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 367.

Contributed by Trina, the 'Line Blind Specialist'.

I love the car!!! Shame about the driver.. Trina went into the trouble of explaining it through the photo and also on her email..

'..ok. seriously..i duno ah..everytime i wanna really park somewer n plus i was in a rush,dis brilliant guy was actually in front of me n he just parked his car there...he didn't even give a left signal indicator light nor did he even watched me being pissed at him for not sharing! urgh..n again i took dis pick n he saw me..he stopped n looked at his watch n went off...hahahha...he actually didn't have time to ask for a photograph from me...this was somewer near a car wash place behine center point,i know some ppl should know it...again seriously,why god?!! why?! why me?!..'

I guess your bad luck is our good luck.. Hehe!!

Submitted 01.04.08

“Case 367.”

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