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...and when all else fails, (not so) public shaming maybe our only hope...

Case 393.

Contributed by Schizo of Malaysia.

"..this was taken during my short holiday in brunei last week.
I anyone ever wondered why is there always such a jam at the mall, this is why.. idiots like these that wont cease to breed.

Idiot no.1 typical selfish driver, finds it fun to park by the side of the road..and just to make it more interesting this idiot does it in one of the most jam packed sampit places ever, gadong+mall+superbl**dysmallbridge.

Idiot no.2 special sikit, this 'Chinese!' 'Female!' driver (i am not being racist or sexist here..it just seems to be so typical) decides to wait for her passenger right in front of this parked no.1 idiot. inda lagi masuk tu kerita nya ah, her big fat @rse is just sticking out there making it even More harder for people to move around them two idiots. And to be even more typical, as i passed her car i gave her one long horn and flipped her off and all she did was pretend to look front as if she doesn't notice how bloody idiotic shes being. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.. maybe she IS so idiotic she just didn't realise.

Boy.. is he mad..

"..btw.. u guys shudve told me bout the fliers earlier, i would've printed out a dozen and posted them on both cars and one right on her forehead then give her one nice portrait picture.. for free.."

Hey Schizo.. its not too late to print out the flyers.. Plenty more where they came from.. and if you can put one on her forehead, I'll print one out and put it on me where the sun don't shine and have it posted here..

Submitted 26.05.08.

“Case 393.”

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